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  • Travel

Traveling is what I enjoy doing the most. I really started traveling to other cities, on my own around the age of  13.
In Africa :
I've visited all  6 Provinces of my country (Benin) and I've visited Ghana, Togo, Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast and Nigeria.
In Europe:
I lived for a while in Paris(France) as an exchange student in the early 90's,  and go often to Europe to visit friends. I visited a few countries in Western Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg,...)
In America:
I now live in the USA where I work in Cincinnati, OH. I've lived in Ohio and in the State of New York. I've visited about 20 of the 50 US states so far. I also visited Canada(Vancouver) and crossed the border into Mexico from San Diego.
I am planning on visiting the Asian continent in the next two years, and hopefully Australia too.

  • Reading
    A few friends think I am a book junkie...:-) I enjoyed reading mindless literatures, novels, fictions and whenever possible the odd technical book to keep my skills sharp.
  • Dancing, Movies, Quiet times
    Nothing relaxes more than a good  night of dancing away at rhythms from all over the world!!!!!   Of course, I do catch a movie once in a while but hey, cable made me a bit lazy about going to the movies.
    Shhhhh!!!!!!!!!!Quiet times are good for you, even if you are not a monk!!                               .
  • Programming(Web-based applications)
  • This is as much a hobby as it is work. It is my specialty with AT&T's    Network Provisioning Services. Following are a few online resources I use: