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NAME: Richard K. Afanuh

HOME ADDRESS: 2722 Erlene Dr. apt 321

Cincinnati, OH –45238,USA

PHONE(H): (513)481-8340

FAX: (513)352-5702


TITLE:Software Engineer/Computer programmer/TSM


Software Development/Engineering position involving web-based/internet applications in technology-oriented company and others.


SCHOOL: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY-USA

DEGREE: Master of Engineering

PROGRAM: Computer Science

  • GPA:3.8
  • Jan 2000

SCHOOL: Central State University, Wilberforce, OH-USA

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

PROGRAM: Computer Science

  • GPA:4.0/4.0 (Summa Cum Laude )
  • June 15, 1997

SCHOOL: Central State University, Wilberforce, OH-USA

DEGREE: Bachelor of Science

PROGRAM: Mathematics

  • GPA:4.0/4.0 (Magna Cum Laude )
  • June 15, 1997


COMPANY: AT&T Network Services

DURATION: April 2000- Present

TITLE: Lead UI Software Developer


Lead Developer(UI) for Scrub process of AT&T's Rehome Project

  • Lead a team of 4 developers to design and implement a web based Scrub process for Switch Rehoming and interfaced with outside contracting Company(NORTEL NETWORKS)
  • Lead the UI team for the development of the Electronic provisioning Project phase II

COMPANY: AT&T Network Services (Business Services Operations)

DURATION: Jan 2000- April 2000

TITLE: Lead UI Software Developer/TSM


Lead UI developer for Electronic provisioning Project for AT&T’s California and Illinois Data centers

  • Develop CORBA proxies, Java Beans, JSP, HTML pages and JAVA Classes and set-up Web Farm & Security for 4ERehome project for AT&T Data centers.
  • Design and coordinate development of web sites for 12 districts in the SCL division of AT&T's Network Services.

COMPANY: Cornell University (Computer science) Database lab

DURATION: August 1999 - December 2000

TITLE: Research lab assistant (Database systems)


Research on web-database benchmarking

  • Master thesis research work on web-database benchmarking for e-commerce web sites.
  • Design, studied and implemented capacity planning for e-commerce databases using benchmarking.

COMPANY: AT&T Operations Technology Center (UI District)

DURATION: August 1997-Dec 1998:

TITLE: UI Software Developer/STAII


Graphical User Interface Developer, Standard Operating Platform project

  • Lead the development of the web interface and security for the Standard Operating Platform (SOP) Web-migration Phase.
  • Wrote Active Server Pages, JavaScript and Server Side VBScripting for Web migration of existing Windows based components, maintaining browser independence, set-up web-farm with IIS 4.0 web servers.
  • Wrote web-enabled Crystal Reports, installed, configured and managed a Microsoft SQl 6.5 Database System.
  • Author/Owner of the SOP-P Userguide ISO certified Web site.

COMPANY: AT&T Operations Technology Center

DURATION: June 1997-August 1997:

TITLE: Software developer


Internship with AT&T OTC Signaling Unit, Cincinnati, OH

  • Design and Implement Web Front-end of Employee skills and training

database and reengineered the back-end DBMS to new specifications;

Web end developed on Microsoft IIS 3.0 using ASPs and HTML against a

SQL 6.5 database server

  • Improve Audio and Video reception on Pictel Videoconferencing and use Proshare on Windows NT and 3.11 for point-to-point videoconferencing.


DURATION: Feb 1997-May 1997

TITLE: Research lab Assistant (student)


Interdisciplinary Software Development, Dept. of Physical Sciences.

  • Successfully design and implement a custom Statistical Analysis software for the Electrochemical Research on Fuel Cell at the Dept. of Physical Sciences after failure of commercial software.
  • Integrate Linear Least Square Analysis with uncertainty in both X and Y variables in the Decision process of the software.



DURATION: 1996-1997

TITLE: Research lab Assistant (student)


  • Research on Parallel Computing in cooperation with Wright Patterson Air Force Base
  • Wrote and studied the behavior of FORTRAN and C parallel computing algorithms on the IBM scalable SP2 at Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), Columbus, Ohio.
  • Design and Implement Distributed systems communication modules for the Wright Patterson Air Force Base using FORTRAN90, analyze data and Improved existing modules in FORTRAN90.


DURATION: June 1996-Aug 1996

TITLE: Research lab Assistant (student)


  • Internship at AT&T Signaling Business Unit, Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Perform software manufacturing for SOP-P2(with SIMP, Nmake),track Modification Requests on SABLIME.
  • Build the System Verification Test Tracking Tool using MSAccess7.0, SQL,VBasic4.0.

COMPANY: CSU/High Speed Network Laboratory

DURATION: 1995-1996

TITLE: Research lab Assistant (student)


Research Laboratory Assistant, Network and Parallel Processing Lab.,

  • Research on Parallel processing using Sun workstations as hosts with the Parallel Virtual Machine(PVM 2.2) and analysis and Visualization of data using MacCricket. Set up and deploy an ATM Networks Testbed.
  • Research on Image (JPEG, MPEG) Data Compression and Error Correction and Concealment.


DURATION: 1990-1993



  • Tutor Mathematics and Physics for tenth graders, Pablo Neruda, Gagny France. 1992.
  • Coordinator high school Exchange Program student between the Republic of Benin and the Republic of France.90-93.



  • JAVA(jdk 1.2)& JAVA beans(1 year-current)
  • JSP,DHTML,HTML(1 year-current)
  • JavaScript, VBScript, ASP(3 years-current)
  • SQL & Stored procedures(4 years-current)
  • ANSI-C, C++(3 years)
  • PASCAL(5 years)
  • COBOL, Assembly Language(1 year).



  • Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0
  • Developer Studio6.0
  • Visual café 4
  • Clearcase
  • FrontPage 98-2000,
  • Crystal Reports 6.00 & Crystal Info Administration 6.0


OS & Other Skills

  • Windows NT(3.51 & 4.0)
  • Windows95
  • UNIX(AIX2.0, OS/2)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 & 7.0
  • Microsoft IIS 4.0
  • Web Farm technology
  • Active X Components creation
  • Technical Document Development,
  • Networking, ODBC, ADO
  • Excellent background in Biology, Physics and Mathematics.
  • Write and speak French fluently.


  • NSBEE Torchbearer-Feb 2000
  • Honor student, Central State University.1994-1997(graduated Magna cum laude).College of Arts & Sciences Senior Scholar award, May 1997.
  • Certificate for Outstanding Academic Performance (Highest GPA), Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, CSU 1997.
  • Willie J. Washington Undergraduate Science Symposium awards for 1st place at Presentation. April 1997.
  • Junior Class Scholar, Presidential award, May 1996.
  • Arts & Science Junior Scholar award, May 1996.
  • Winner EDS regional technical case-study contest(WU-CSU),April 1996.
  • National Dean's List, Who's Who List,1994-1995, 1995-1996,1996-1997.
  • Honorific degree for 2nd place National Olympiad Mathematics & Physics, Benin, June 91.


  • Richard Afanuh, Johannes Gherke, "Web-database Benchmarks", Master Project, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, December 20 1999
  • Richard Afanuh, Herman Yau, "United Airline Luggage Tracking System Automation",Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, December 5 1999
  • Richard Afanuh, "LenCroll University Research Proposal Process Automation", Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, November 12 1999
  • Richard Afanuh, Efim khalimsky,"Multiple Jobs Sequencing on Multiple Machines", Operations Research, CSU, Wilberforce, OH May 1996.
  • Richard Afanuh,"HMI", EDS Technical Case Study, April 1996.
  • Richard Afanuh, Kamyar Dezhgosha,"Image data Compression and

     Error Concealment", CSU, Dept. of Computer Science, April 1997.

  • Richard Afanuh, "Test Tracking Tool", Database System, Technical Document, Signaling Unit-OTC, AT&T, August 1996.
  • Richard Afanuh, Vijay K. Gupta, Michael May, "Linear Least Squares Analysis of Electrochemical Data with the Uncertainty in both the x-variable and y-variable"; Willie J. Washington Science Symposium, Wilberforce, Oh, April 26 1997


  • Award of Distinction for Outstanding support and leadership(Upward Bound Program-University of Cincinnati)-2000
  • Member of NSBE, June 1999-Present
  • Member of the IEEE, 1997-Present
  • Member of the Alliance of Black Telecommunications Employees,1998
  • Secretary of the International Student Association, CSU, 95-96.
  • Member of the Computer Science/Math Club, CSU. 94-97
  • Member of the Honors Club, Gagny, France, CSU,95-present.
  • Leadership Training Seminars (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)Dec ?94 and (Detroit, Michigan)Dec96-Jan97.
  • Certificate of Recognition from City of Detroit for outstanding contribution, Dec 1996.
  • President of the Biomedical Laboratory Technician class of 1993, Benin.


Willing to relocate and travel.